Wedding Wine

Craft your Wedding Wine on site with us!

 Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming nuptials! We know you want to make your wedding as special as possible. Selecting and crafting wine for your guests is a delightful way to make your big day that much more memorable … especially when you adorn every wine bottle with your own personal label and serve it at your reception. Your craft wine is perfect for putting out on the dining tables and as a gift for your guests to take-home as a remembrance of your day. 


Wedding Package

 Make 30 bottles of On The House for your special day!

In our experience this brand is very versatile and crowd friendly. Wines take 4 weeks to make. They may be consumed relatively young and are very easy drinking so there's no worry of cellaring it for multiple months before the big day. If however you do desire a fuller bodied premium wine, contact us for package pricing (keep in mind it will require more aging time).

$150 30 x 750ml bottles

Package includes: Wine, Bottles, Corks, Custom Labels, Shrink Seals, and tax! 

 375ml "Wedding Favour" package is also an option: 60 x 375ml bottles - $194 


Regarding custom wedding wine labels, visit WeddingStar, choose a label you like and simply let us know, along with the info you'd like on it. (don't order from there, let us take care of that)

Cheers! and Congrats!

Serving guidelines


Follow these steps to estimate your needs:
1. Calculate how many people will be drinking at the event.
2. Multiply this number by four (to give you the maximum number of standard drinks per person you will need).
3. Divide number of standard drinks by five per bottle
4. Divide number of bottles by 30 to determine the number of batches and then round up

For example:
1. 100 wine drinking guests attending
2. 100 x 4 standard drinks = 400 standard drinks
3. 400 / 5 (5 glasses per 750ml bottle) = 80 bottles of wine
4. 80/30 750ml bottles per batch = 2.67 or 3 batches of wine will be needed.
Therefore, you could make one batch of red wine, one batch of white wine, and one batch of rosé wine.