At The Homebrew Centre, we do not brew beer on site. However, since 1983 we've been carrying an extensive line of beer making kits, supplies, ingredients and equipment to brew your own quality craft beer at home. It's fun, can be simple or intricate, and quite wallet-friendly with great results. Our staff's expertise will guide any brewer in producing some fine brews they can be proud to call their own craft!  CHEERS! 

Beer Kits



$19.95 (makes 23L) Lager, Draught, Real Ale, Pale Ale, Bitter, Dark Ale, Blonde, Cerveza, IPA, Pilsner, Stout, European Lager, Hefe Wheat.



$19.95 (makes 23L) Lager, Pilsner, Canadian Ale, Blonde, Bitter, Brown Ale, Stout, Red Ale, Pale Ale, American Light, Dry Lager,  Cerveza, 

Mangrove Jack's


$19.95 (makes 23L) Blonde Lager, Lucky Goat Pale Ale, Crossman's Gold Lager, Lucid Pils, Rustic Brown Ale, Northern Bitter, Workman's Stout.